Five Of The Biggest Trends In Pain Management

The field of pain management is continually evolving. In some respects the treatments are improving substantially, and once in a while a trailblazing new treatment comes about. One of the more prominent evolutions, however, has simply been a better recognition of treating a person’s pain appropriately rather than either ignoring or under treatment.

Here are five of the most prominent evolutions (or regressions) in pain treatment that we are seeing currently:

1. Refinement in pain management interventions. Over the past few years, there have been some improvements in pain procedure technology that have allowed physicians to get better results. One of these is transforaminal epidural injections. The initial type of epidural injection that was established was called intra-laminar injections. Now pain doctors are able to accurately place their needle into the area where the nerve root travels, getting the pain medication more accurately where it is needed. A second improvement is with radiofrequency ablation machines. When they were first established, they were only able to treat 2 anatomical areas at a time. Now they can do 4, decreasing the patient procedure time.

2. Biologic solutions. Regenerative medicine is not just on the horizon, but is rounding the corner of reality. There are now injection substances that contain numerous regenerative components, including specific cytokines, hyaluronic acid, and stem cells. This will hopefully prove to be instrumental in disc problems, arthritis, and soft tissue and cartilage injuries.

3. Disc treatments have gone down. As the research has come out showing that intradiscal electrothermy and percutaneous discectomies have marginal results, their use is decreasing. In addition, there is some preliminary data showing that discography may promote degeneration of the disc. So its use is decreasing as well. The disc is such an enigma with how to treat it. Surgery is a roll of the dice at times, and interventional nonoperative pain treatments are a question mark too. If there is one area that could use a better option, it is degenerative disc disease.

4. Performing kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty. These procedures are performed as an outpatient, and do not involve incisions. They take about 45 minutes, and can have very impressive quick results for patients with vertebral body compression fractures. More pain doctors are learning how to do them.

5. Comprehensive spine care centers. As more research comes out showing the benefits of multiple specialists participating in a patient’s care, comprehensive centers are becoming more common. This has benefitted patients tremendously by having more providers with varied backgrounds coming together for the benefit of the patient. Patients can end up needing less narcotics and becoming much more functional.

Sensitive Skin – Care Tips

Among all the skin types, sensitive skin type is the one that needs the most care and attention. It is irritated easily and can often experience redness and inflammation when not treated the proper way or when exposed to harsh skin care products and skin treatments. Sometimes, sensitive skin can also develop scaly areas that can be very itchy. These things can give you the idea that taking care of sensitive skin indeed requires thorough research.

One factor that can worsen sensitivity is skin dryness. That is why when washing and cleansing your face, avoid using soap that contains skin-drying ingredients like alkaline. When the skin is dry, it is prone to tiny cracks that can lead to inflammation. So instead of using regular soap when washing and cleansing your face, use a cleanser, a toner, or a moisturizer that’s made especially for sensitive complexion.

The heat of the sun can be dangerous to sensitive skin not only because it can cause microscopic inflammation. It can also increase blood circulation, which results to swelling. However, aside from staying away from the sun, one thing you can do to prevent swelling and redness is to keep your skin care products inside the refrigerator to cool. Once you apply cold cream or lotion to your skin, the low temperature can constrict vessels, reducing blood circulation and eliminating skin swelling.

Most skin care products contain harsh chemicals and ingredients that when used on sensitive skin, can produce a great deal of inflammation and irritation. Always look out or alpha lipoic acid, apricot kernels, sodium, and alcohol when buying skin care products. These elements have a drying effect on the complexion, leaving it susceptible to redness and swelling. Be careful and choose products with gentle content like chamomile or white tea.

When it comes to treatment, the last thing you want to try if you possess sensitive skin type is microdermabrasion. This method of skin exfoliation is not suggested for sensitive skin due to its aggressive manner. Instead of repairing the dermis, microdermabrasion can destroy the skin’s protective layer, which may result to skin inflammation. If you wish to visit a facial spa, ask the aesthetician to perform gentler treatments on you instead.

While sensitive skin can be very fragile, caring for it may not really be difficult as long as you have complete knowledge on how to deal with it. Furthermore, always remember the basic needs of your skin especially moisturizing and apply them regularly to maintain skin that’s healthy and beautiful.

Weight Loss – Keys to Looking Great

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The key is to make a few minor lifestyle changes. Changing what you eat you can lower your body mass index, or BMI, which is the percentage of fat on your body. The more efficient your diet the quicker you will lose weight. An efficient diet is one that only gives you what you need to eat. The first thing to do is to cut out the fast food and the junk food, the mortal enemies of weight-loss. Fast food and junk food can give you enough fat and calories for an elephant! Not only that, but the calories from such a diet are empty-meaning even though you eat, because what you’re eating is not nutritious, your body still wants more food. So if you’re serious about weight loss, drop the fast food/junk food diet killer-and fast! By making this simple change in what you eat you will begin to take off the weight. The rate of weight-loss is up to your body’s metabolism and, of course, exercise will help-but this simple start is bound to leave you feeling better. The weight-loss from a diet often does not work because people eventually go back to their regular eating habits. Think of the alcoholic who goes back to drinking-is being hooked on fast food any different? Both damage your body, yet you do it even though you know it’s bad for you. It’s really evil that way, and therefore requires a serious mental commitment to change. This is especially important for those of us over thirty. As we age our metabolism slows down and and weight-loss gets much more difficult. You must break your love affair with French fries and doughnuts and ice-cream and hamburgers or the calories and fat will continue to mount. Weight-loss simply doesn’t happen like it did in your twenties so if at all possible, start early on and keep it off.

Your next step in achieving permanent weight-loss is to start looking at labels. You want to look out for high fructose corn syrup and cut it out of your diet completely. The body doesn’t now deal with this unnatural chemical well and it pretty much turns right into fat. And studies show it also causes diabetes.

Next, drink lots of water. This simple step is often overlooked, but it can help greatly with achieving weight-loss. Eight to ten glasses a day is beneficial flush to the body, ridding it of fat and purifying it. And never forget that a glass of water before a meal can make you feel full, and therefore eat less.

‘If it’s white, it ain’t right!’ This is white sugar, white bread, and white rice-bad carbohydrates, and it ain’t right because all of the nutritional value has been stripped from them. Replace all of these with their brown counterparts and with lots of organic nuts, fruits and vegetables. (But make sure they’re organic, as you can see here in this article on pesticides in our fruits.) White foods are quickly converted into fat, especially if you don’t maintain an active lifestyle. Watch the white food intake and watch your weight drop. This does not mean completely ignoring carbohydrates. It merely means eating the right ones.

These are just a few weight loss tips that you will need to stay focused on as you work to reduce your weight. Remember, weight loss requires a commitment to a new lifestyle. You CAN do it! Weight loss can take many months (in fact, it works better that way), so work to make a positive lifestyle change and you will see progress. Look at it this way, don’t try and lose weight. Don’t try and diet. Make a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and the weight loss will naturally happen.

Yoga Today – Modern Yoga Practice

Yoga is a form of exercise derived from ancient Hindu practice. It strengthens and stretches the body using poses called asanas. It can also help reduce stress, and help people find inner peace. It’s used by some modern Hindu practitioners as an aid towards attaining enlightenment.

It’s important to remember that yoga is more than just a series of exercises. It applies to the body, but also to the mind and spirit. Yoga derives from philosophies meant to help practitioners attain harmony and spiritual insight. The word is derived from a Sanskrit term meaning to join. The same word may also be related to the word referred to the yokes worn by oxen, and may be the ancestor of our modern words “junction” and “juxtapose”.

There are many different schools of yoga, each with its own beliefs and practices. Here are the five most common types of yoga. Remember that there are plenty of other options that aren’t listed here.

Hatha Yoga is the most popular school of yoga, and has been taught commonly in the West for a number of years. This type of yoga focuses on the perfection of the mind through the perfection of the body. It uses many breathing techniques, meditative techniques, and asanas.

Ashtanga Yoga is another popular type of yoga. It’s performed much more quickly than most other schools, and is almost a form of aerobic yoga. Smooth, but speedy transitions between poses are a focus.

Kundalini Yoga focuses on the awakening and focusing of what’s called kundalini energy. This energy is frequently referred to as a type of life energy lying dormant inside us, and may be represented by a coiled serpent.

Mantra Yoga is based around the discipline of calming body and mind using sounds and words. You may be familiar with the chant of “om”. This is a common mantra used by this school of yoga.

Tantra Yoga is famous, or infamous, for its focus on spirituality through sexuality. Like Kundalini Yoga, this school also focuses on kundalini energy, but has a different intent and different methods for awakening it.

No matter which school you choose, you’ll find that yoga is a rich and satisfying practice. It can benefit most people, no matter what their age, if practiced regularly. Asanas may be adapted to deal with injuries and other physical limitations, making yoga a worthwhile form of exercise for people who can’t do other types.

There are traditionally eight fundamental paths to yoga: Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Purna Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Ashtanga or Raja Yoga, and Maha Yoga. However, in the Western world, when you hear yoga mentioned, it’s usually in reference to Hatha Yoga. In Hindu practice, yoga’s ultimate goal is liberating the soul from the cycle of death and rebirth, as well as from worldly suffering. Through yoga, it is believed to be possible to master the mind, body, and emotions, and to transcend desire.

How Yoga Can Strengthen Your Body and Soul

Yoga is best known as a type of exercise system that stretches and strengthens the body through various poses known as asanas. But yoga goes far beyond just a mere exercise routine. Yoga is also about healthy living, which includes a healthy diet. That doesn’t mean you have to become a vegetarian, just that you should be conscious of the foods you eat, sticking with natural, fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, etc. Yoga is a great way to support you body and the newly forming body of your child. There are some precautions however, so you will want to let your doctor and your teacher know that you are pregnant.

Yoga is suitable for most adults of any age or physical condition. Because of the nonstrenuous nature of our approach to exercise, even those with physical limitations can find a beneficial routine of Yoga. Yoga is not about simply completing a stretch so that you can move on to the next one. It is about being present in the moment. Yoga is less expensive than most other methods of attaining and maintaining health and relaxation.

Yoga is fantastic exercise and if you respect your body and don’t over push yourself you can make quick gains in flexibility, strength, stamina and balance. Yoga is a wonderful way to find relief from everyday aches and back pains. And developing such symptoms from working out is quite different from the discomfort that results from sitting at a desk. Yoga is beneficial for the health in ways that modern science is just beginning to understand. Even though it has been applied with therapeutic intention for thousand of years, Yoga Therapy is only just now emerging as a discipline in itself.

Yoga is not a medical practice, but it has been shown to be very helpful in many ways. Yoga is a 5000 year old science whose teachings were first imparted not in a classroom or Gurukul, but on the battle field. In the epic Mahabharata, the sage, Lord Krishna is first said to have imparted the teachings of Yoga to his despondent student Arjuna. Yoga is an effective method to reduce stress and anxiety. See how to get started.

Yoga is a science which is been studies and researched over by many scientists even now. Today the doctors also advise the patients to continue their yoga every day for their well being and fitness. Yoga is no longer a practice just for hippies. Many modern students are affluent, and the consumer data shows they are willing to pay for quality service and added value. Yoga is an ancient, eastern practice meaning union. It teaches us to take responsibility for our own health through the union of postures ( asanas ), breathing ( pranayama ), relaxation and meditation.

Yoga is an age old magical practice that fits this modern day perfectly. Here at Divine Goddess we are very passionate about yoga and the benefits it bestows. Yoga is also considered one of six classical Indic schools of thought (or “darshanas”) in and of itself. The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, written between the 1st century and 3rd century A.D., is the scriptural foundation of this school. Yoga is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you can’t remember the last time you exercised or even if you believe you can’t get back into good shape, lose weight or increase your flexibility.

Yoga is both the system of physical and meditative techniques involved on the journey and a description of the goal. Yoga is especially ideal for people that are overweight, elderly, pregnant, or all three. Yoga also promotes a feeling of clarity and serenity — there’s a reason many people who do yoga seem so relaxed and focused. Yoga is not merely a form of exercise for the body, but a path towards total harmony of body, mind and spirit. It is ancient wisdom for a healthier, happier and more peaceful way of living that ultimately leads to Self-realization, the union with the Self.

The Different Methods For Treatment Hair Loss

Hair loss is a multibillion dollar a year industry. This is because millions of people each year try to treat their loss of hair problems. Many will not even take the time to educate themselves on the different types loss of hair out there. They will just buy a product and hope it works. However, it is important for a person suffering with loss of hair to know the different methods for treating loss of hair, be it a product or a procedure.

There are many different products available as methods for treating loss of hair. The most common hair loss product is Minoxodil or Rogaine. This comes in the form of a cream or foam that you put on your scalp. There are also pills you can take such as Propecia, which is made for men with pattern loss of hair. There are even shampoos that you can use instead of your normal brand to help with your loss of hair issues. There are even herbs that can treat the symptoms of the hair loss. This can be a nice alternative to harsh drugs and chemicals. There is even a new product out called the laser comb. This product can help with loss of hair just by brushing your hair with it for between five and fifteen minutes a day. The important thing to keep in mind with finding a hair loss product is to make sure that it is made to treat your specific type loss of hair. This will probably take tests and reviewing your medical history to figure out but it will be well worth it.

Another one of the methods for treating hair loss is with medical procedures. There are even many different medical procedures that can be done to help you with your hair loss. One of these is laser therapy. This means that they apply certain lights to your scalp for about thirty minutes per session. This is made to help prevent hair loss and facilitate new hair growth. You can also have surgical procedures done as ell. Hair transplants will take hair that will not fall out and transplant it to areas that are bald. You can even have scalp reduction surgery done to minimize the amount of your scalp that does not have hair on it. Scalp extenders can help compliment either a hair transplant or scalp reduction. This is made to increase the area of the scalp that has hair that will not be affected by hair loss. These procedures can be done individually or together.

Finding the right methods for treatment for hair loss is important to getting back the full head of hair you once had. It is important to remember that no matter which method of treatment you use, you will not see results instantaneously. The hair growth process takes many months so growing new hair will not happen that soon. Your doctor will be able to help you with tracking your results to see if the treatment really is working for you. Your doctor should be the first person you talk to when you find that you are losing your hair. They can help you figure out what is causing the problem and even help you in your decision for choosing a treatment.

Natural Pain Management – Finding The Cause

Natural pain management begins by looking at the cause of your pain. In this article, we are going to look at the cause of chronic pain and how to resolve it.

Chronic pain is that which has been or will be with you for a long time or your life. Over time, it is likely to get worse. It seems analgaesics are your only option. But even these don’t work in severe pain. Not unless you want to be so drugged, you can’t function.

Before we look at the cause of chronic pain, it’s important for you to understand that your body has infinite wisdom and intelligence. It also has an incredible ability to heal itself.

So why doesn’t it?

There are two main reasons this healing mechanism can’t work. First is that most people are starving for nutrition; they are chronically deficient in nutrients. Secondly, most people are highly toxic.

Let’s examine both of these concepts.

The current farming industry does not produce quality food. Instead they produce poor quality food, but have high yields, or high quantity. These yields are produced at the expense of the quality. For example, the main fertiliser used on farm crops is NPK – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. But to produce healthy crops, the soil needs 52 minerals, not three.

Some farmers limit this still further and simply use one mineral – super phosphate.

The plants look good, are forced to have high yields, but there is nothing there.

Then much of the food that people eat is processed, heated (which kills or alters many nutrients), emulsified, dyed, flavoured, etc.

What sort of nutrition do you think you are feeding your body?

Now let’s look at toxins. Not only are foods from these farms nutrient poor, they are also toxic. Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides are sprayed on the crops and never fully leave them. This means that not only is the air you breathe toxic, so too is the food you eat, even much of the ‘healthy’ food.

In an effort to limit the damage to your body, to keep it alive, the toxins are shifted to fat cells, to organ systems, to connective tissue. This result in sluggishness, diseases of the organs, musculo-skeletal problems. And all this creates pain.

By detoxifying your body and then nourishing it, you can get rid of your pain totally. It doesn’t matter what the condition is. And this can happen in just days.

Homeopathic treatment is a great way to detoxify your body without all the associated problems that can result. Then you can begin the nourishing with a healthy diet. Natural pain management goes beyond management, to resolution.

Teen Girls Weight Loss – Some Weight Loss Tips You Need to Know

Teenage girls are overly conscious about their growth and weight. Teenage girls weight loss and gains are a part of normal growth and development. Previously inactive hormones are acting up. There are no standards or set patterns to monitor growth during teenage years. Every teenager’s body grows in unique ways.

As a teenage girl, do not set your objective to be a Paris Hilton or a Milla Jovovich. They are like that because of their body structure. You need to have normal growth during your teenage for a healthy adulthood. Cutting off specific food groups will deprive you of essential nutrients. Deficiency in essential nutrients leads to many complications.

If you feel that you are overweight, consult your health care provider. They are able to judge whether or not your weight is excessive and if you need to lose weight. Diet programs for Weight loss for anyone need to be carefully managed, more so in the case of teens with their growing bodily demands. Professional supervision is desirable in teen girls weight loss programs.

If you decide to lose weight anyhow, remember that there are no short cuts or instant solutions. Fad diets and fasting are not at all recommended for teen girls weight loss. Fasting deprives a growing body of much needed food for energy and the body turns on its own tissues. Digestive juices produced by the stomach turn into harmful acids.

Carefully controlling calorie intake to match your burn rate is considered best practice for losing weight. Dietitians or medical practitioners have the required techniques and knowledge to calculate Lean Body Mass (bare weight of your bones, muscles, organs and tissues), Basal Metabolic rate (the rate at which your body burn calories while at rest), etc and calculate calorie intake for teen girls weight loss.

If you feel that your weight is not excessive and you do not need professional supervision, there are some routines which can help in teen girls weight loss. Always remember that teen girls weight loss cannot be achieved overnight and that it needs patience and perseverance.

1. First and foremost, you must regulate meal times. Eating at regular intervals keeps your body satisfied and reduces cravings. Schedule your meals and stick to those schedules. Once your body is adjusted to the set schedules, it will prompt you for food only at the scheduled times. You will be able to eat what you have set in your teen girls weight loss diet. The body will not crave for food untimely and you will not be tempted to eat junk or fast food.

2. Secondly, eat healthy according to your weight loss program. Stay away from:

– processed foods, canned meat and fish, ready to eat meals

– baked and fried items, cookies, dough nuts

– high calorie-content drinks, caffeinated and carbonated, sugary drinks

– high fat meats, steaks, ham

3. Use salads consisting of leafy vegetables and roots like carrots and turnips with every meal. These will be filling and help you ingest lots of vitamins and minerals.

4. Physical activities help you burn a lot of calories. Instead of using your car or cab, take a walk if the distance is not too long and the area is safe and secure from muggings and accidents. Use stairs as much as possible instead of elevators to achieve success in your teen girls weight loss endeavor.

Different Types of Pain Management Regiments

No matter if you suffer from fibromyalgia, an old injury, cancer treatments, or even just arthritis, you have to have some way to control your discomfort. The right treatment will depend on your particular needs.

Defining Discomfort

Before you can begin any regimen, you must understand how the discomfort is defined. The International Association for the Study of Pain defines pain as an unpleasant experience, either sensory, emotional, or both. Your regimen will most likely focus on the sensory component of the equation; however, you and your doctor should not discount the emotional aspect.

Creating a Plan

Everyone experiences discomfort differently. It is real and measurable; however, it is based on the perception of the individual and is, therefore, different for each person. Be sure to speak with your doctor about your pain management regimen.

Your physician will work with you to determine the intensity of your chronic condition. By determining where the aching is located and how bad it feels, the doctor can prescribe the right type of treatment plan.

Medication Treatment Options

Your doctor may determine that medication is the best option for your pain management. He or she may not go for narcotics or benzodiazepines as they could lead to other problems like addiction. Still, there are other options that might not cause you to become chemically dependent.

Chronic medications include non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which may include aspirin, naproxen, or ibuprofen, acetaminophen, steroids, and even anti-seizure medication. To help treat both your emotional and sensory discomfort, your doctor may determine you need an antidepressant. This can alleviate some of the hurting you feel along with allowing you to sleep better.

Therapy Treatment Options

Medication is not the only way to find relief. Your doctor may determine that therapy could help improve the affected area.

Physical therapy is an excellent option for increasing movement around your injury. However, if your doctor suggests exercise for the problem, you should work with a trained physical therapist to ensure that you don’t do more damage than good. If it is not performed correctly or if you overdo it, you can hurt yourself. Proper exercise will slowly ease your injury and help you to build up a tolerance.

Physical therapy is not the only type of treatment your doctor may suggest. He or she may also send you to a licensed counselor for cognitive-behavior therapy. This will help you understand where the discomfort is coming from and how you can deal with it. You will also learn what role the injury will play in your life and how to navigate around it.

Relaxation and Massage Treatment

Aside from therapy and medication, your doctor may encourage you to learn a few relaxation techniques, which can help you relax the affected area. Other suggested methods may include meditation, massage, manipulation, or even visual imagery to overcome emotional hurt tied to your physical ailment.

Pain management is not just about addressing the tenderness you may physically feel. It is also about managing the emotional distress that can accompany it. By working with your doctor, you can find a program that will manage both the physical and emotional discomfort you feel.

Top 2 Facial Skin Care Tips

No individual will compromise when it comes to beauty and skin care. Care for your skin facial is really essential and important, because every individual will dearly love to sizzle with chic and glowing look. Facial is obviously the most visible portion of the entire body and for this reason, most of the people will give close attention to maintain their skin hail and healthy.

There are plenty of tips and techniques that can be handled to get the best care for your skin facial. The complete secrets are revealed here for your denotation. Take a quick look for better understanding!

Having clear, beautiful, moisturized glowing skin will merely not make you to look good, but it will absolutely make you to feel greater than any million dollars. Taking care of your skin facial should be practiced depending upon the type of skin and texture. Besides the everyday simple and plain care, it is good to practice effective care for your facial in order to get healthy and glowing skin.

Care for your facial will dearly help you much better to prevent early aging, skin troubles, acne, scars and several other skin problems. Facial skin care is merely simple and moreover they can be easily done from home. It takes hardly few minutes to do the inexpensive facial skin care, as they process involved is merely simple. The everyday habits will be greatly satisfying, while the moment you look at your mirror.

Healthy and cleanly practice of skin facial care will make you to envision pure, smooth, revitalized, and healthy facial skin. Here are some simple tips to make your everyday facial care more effective.

1. Wash your face enough number of times, as the fine dust and dirt will wipe-out completely. This will make your skin to be safe and free from acne and pimple problems. Regular face washing is one of the best facial skin care tips that will give you complete cure from any skin troubles.

2. Give a soothing massage to your face with olive oils and they are the best facial skin care treatment to give complete moisturizer to the skin. Also, they cleanse your face by removing the fine dirt and thereby keep them glowing.

There are different types of facial skin care treatments that could be handled for different stages of aging! Depending upon your skin texture and skin type, the best method of facial skin care will be handled to give a complete chic and ravishing young look.